Deploy it easily into your workflow
You can use uamplified by using our hosted pages (you can also use CNAME to point to your desired url domains), embed by using an iframe or in case you use WordPress by a plugin. In order to send emails to your end users you can connect to your preferred Email Service Provider. Moreover you can use an in-app popup for the talk module.


Embed easily the listen, talk, roadmap or launch contents in your own web pages. We will provide you with the required code snippets so you just need to copy-paste it!


Hosted pages

We provide hosted pages for each of the four modules (listen, talk, roadmap and launch), so you can start engaging with your customer from the first second! Easily point your own domain to our hosted pages, to have a seamless user experience. You can check an example here.

WordPress plugin

In case you are using WordPress for your product you can use our plugin to easily embed uamplified content in your pages. You can get it here.


Email Service Provider

In order to keep engaged your users you will be able to send automatic emails to the users who have added a new request, voted a request or commented on a request. Those emails will go through your email service provider (ESP). At the moment we support the next email service providers:

Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Google Gmail, Mandrill and custom SMTP / IMAP.